Best Tiny Desk Concert Performances

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series is my go-to (other than BBC Radio 1 – Live Lounge) when it comes to finding to acoustic renditions of my favorite artists’ songs, as it helps me appreciate their music a little bit more. Here are my top 10 favorite performances:
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16 Personalities

Since the last time I took the Myers-Briggs/16 Personalities Test, I was beginning the fall semester of my junior year at the UT. After graduating, gaining a better sense of what kind of professional career I would like to pursue, and crossing off one of my top 3 bucket lists by going to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I thought it would be interesting to see if I have changed in any way.

Aaaaaand I was wrong. Nothing has changed. Here are the results:

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A Running List of Things That Scare Meatball


  1. Brooms
    This was my mom’s discovery while I away in Brazil, and I’m afraid to ask her how/why she found this out…
  2. Ice Pops
  3. Hair clips
  4. Umbrellas
  5. BIC Velocity Gel Pen
  6. Being alone (same, Meatball, same)
  7. Baby Gates
  8. Hair Straightener
  9. Blow dryer
  10. Wii Remote – and only the Wii remote. She’s perfectly fine around the TV remote and the XBox 360 controller
  11. When I change the batteries out of the XBox 360 controller
  12. Vacuums
    No surprise here, considering this is a common fear among the canine species